Blood Donation Wing

This wing runs on a triad of important constituents ie the donors , the organizing members and of course the recipients which are brought forward by blood donation camps.SWS mainly aids Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer and Research Hospital and Hamza foundation. In these camps blood is passionately donated by students and staff members. From these camps the collected blood is then channeled to blood banks where it is given to the concerned recipients .Moreover this wing also collects data from each class in PMC and PDC and if need be they arrange for blood donation in emergency to patients in different hospitals.

Following are the details of activities.

BLOOD DONATION CAMP - HAMZA Foundation | October-2018

On the 24th of October 2018 Social Welfare Society of PMC& PDC collaborated with Hamza foundation Welfare Hospital and Blood Services to arrange a blood donation camp. The camp generated a total of 72 pints of blood. Hamza foundation also provided free screening for HBV, HBC, MP, VDRL, HIV and Blood groups; the reports were handed over to donors a week later. History of collaboration with Hamza Foundation goes a long way back, students of 3rd Year MBBS have scheduled visits to Hamza foundation’s Thalseemia Center which add to their empathy with the patients needing blood donations and further strengthen their spirit for donating Blood.


A blood Donation camp was Organized By Social Welfare Society Blood Wing in Collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, on 15th February 2018.The Camp lasted 6 hours generating 48 donations 31 from males and 17 from females. Students and Staff alike participated zealously in the noble cause. There was pre donation testing for blood group, Hb levels and basic tests free of cost from Shaukat Khanum staff. Health education session were conducted simultaneously about blood donation myths and Facts.
As a result of the camp students not only donated blood but also got their routine investigations done and clarified their perceptions of blood donations.


A blood camp for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital and Research Centre was arranged on 17 April 2017 in examination hall of Peshawar Medical College and Peshawar Dental College Peshawar . A total of 76 students donated blood. Among the 76 students 40 were girls and 36 were boys.
Different blood tests of the donors were performed and after some time the appreciation certificates and blood test results were distributed among the students.

Blood Donations other than camps | 2017

Blood was arranged for needy patients in various hospital of Peshawar including LRH,KTH,MTH,HMC,SKMCH . In these hospital 19 students donate blood to various needy patients who are incapable of arranging blood.Their names ,blood groups, hospital names and classes were recorded.