Disaster Management Wing

This wing has played a vital role in the recognition of this society in the community starting from its conception it has aided in various Natural disasters ie,2005 earthquake, 2010 floods, 2011 floods and recently in raising funds for the Rohingya community Crisis via Al-Khidmat Foundation.

Following are the details of activities.

Myanmar Disaster | August-2017

In early August, 2017, the Myanmar security forces began "clearance operations" against the Rohingya in northern Rakhine state. Following an attack by Rohingya militants of ARSA against several security forces' outposts, August 25, the operations escalated radically—killing thousands of Rohingya, brutalizing thousands more, and driving hundreds of thousands out of the country into neighboring Bangladesh while their villages burned ,their numbers escalating to 647,000 since August 25th 2017.Seeing this humanitarian crisis ,SWS of PMC wasted no time in action and conducted a fund raising campaign in collaboration with Al-Khidmat foundation lasting three days in October of 2017.The campaign was very productive and a cheque of worth PKR 8,00,000 (8 Lac) was handed over to Mr. Fida Muhammad Khan , President Al-Khidmat Peshawar, for the noble cause. Especial thank you is in order for PMC and PDC students for not holding back in this hour of need and generously giving whatever they could.