Health Education Wing

This wing aims to spread Medical knowledge in the most basic and effective ways, for that purpose they arrange one on one and group wise sessions for students and patients alike on current health matters of the utmost concern. There is use of visual aids , pamphlets designed by students and the material for these sessions is also compiled by students and checked by an expert.Thus the aim tis to spread knowledge to the people by the people.

Following are the details of activities.

Health Education Session on Needle Stick Injuries | October-2018

A health education session was conducted during the blood camp organised by SWS at Peshawar Medical College on prevention of needle stick injuries held on 24/10/18.
MBBS and BDS students were educated on what needle stick injuries are, their incidence globally and in Pakistan, people at risk, the infections spread by them, and prevention as well as management of needle stick injuries. A total of 7 sessions were conducted and 52 students were educated.
Most students were keen to learn about needle stick injuries and many were surprised to know that recapping needles caused more injuries than prevented.

Hepatitis Seminar | October-2018

SWS organized a hepatitis seminar delivered by our renowned Dean, Hepatologist Prof. Dr. Najib Ul HAq on 13,October 2018 in PMC. It was included in the schedules of 3rd-final year MBBS and 3rd-final year BDS. There was overwhelming participation from all years. The topics discussed were Hepatitis A,B and c – etiology, pathogenesis, treatment & management and prophylaxis. It was a very enlightening experience as several myths and taboos regarding hepatitis were cleared and we all left the hall with a pocketful of knowledge. The seminar was held prior to HBV vaccinations for the senior MBBS and BDS students so that each and every student understood the importance of getting vaccinated.

Health Session On Tuberculosis | April-2018

A health session was conducted on 2/4/18 by Cabinet of SWS- 2018 to create awareness about Tuberculosis. We targeted patients and their attendants in various wards of Kuwait and Mercy teaching hospitals. A total of 25 sessions were conducted. Patients were educated about tuberculosis, its spread, signs and symptoms, its treatment and complications of treatment and prevention. They were also informed of the availability of free medications in case they cannot afford treatment.
Patients were very keen to learn about this disease. They also asked questions such as “ can having cough for more than 2 weeks without other symptoms also mean tuberculosis?”. Other interesting questions were also asked.
They suggested that such sessions should be conducted regularly.

Health Education-DENGUE | October-2017

As the epidemic of dengue hit the country, SWS of PMC played their role by conducting a Dengue Awareness Seminar, in collaboration with PIPH and Health Department KPK on 9th October 2017.
A free medical camp was organized by the administration of Prime Teaching Hospital in the month of April 2017.With great enthusiasm and perseverance the cabinet of SWS and the members conducted this camp and proved yet again that small thigs matter the most.