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Social Welfare Society (SWS) is an official society of Peshawar Medical College & Peshawar Dental College. This society is non profitable organization which is run by the respected staff and passionate members and volunteers of Peshawar Medical College. It not only provides an organized platform for the students of Peshawar Medical College & Peshawar dental college but it also grooms & encourages them to help those in need. Hence when members and volunteers graduate they are more empathic, sympathetic due to which they do not hesitate to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Our Aim

The main aim of this society is to help less fortunate, disaster stricken, needy people of the society.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aman

The population of Pakistan has increased to more than 200 million in 2018. The people are faced with the triple burden of diseases, infectious & nutritional diseases, non-communicable (life style diseases) and injuries both interpersonal conflicts and road traffic accidents. The allocation and utilization of funds for health and education is faced with many issues at both policy level and implementation levels. This has led to miseries and sufferings for the people who become ill and need the attention of health care providers available in public / NGO sector or and private sector throughout KP and new merged districts from FATA. For the majority of the people of KP there are difficulties in the availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability of including poor quality of health care services. There is more poverty as a result out of packet expenditure from poor segment of society in availing health care services at all levels especially in tertiary health care in cities.
Keeping all these factors, The Dean Peshawar Medical College guided the faculty and students of Peshawar Medical College and Peshawar Dental College to work for establishing a Social Welfare Society. The Society will try providing help to patients and care givers coming to hospitals associated with Peshawar Medical College. The faculty coordinators and members of SWS will financially facilitate and educate the patients and their care givers. This will develop a partnership with family / other care givers in the management and after care of patients treated in hospital.
This may also help the students of our Institutes in giving back to society where they are learning. The members of the SWS also learn the leadership and management roles as medical professionals in their future life. It also givesthe ample opportunity to learn and practice communication skills and a caring attitude towards the patients and their families. It will add to the growth of the individual working for the SWS and also the growth of the Institutes they are being educated.
The members of SWS provide an opportunity to the potential donors to use their Sadaqat for the destitute and deserving humanity so they do not have to look for deserving people.


It has been my honor to serve as the President of Social Welfare Society of PMC & PDC. This society is non profitable organization which is run by the respected staff and passionate members and volunteers of PMC & PDC.
Social welfare society- pointers:
Patient welfare wing: Funds are collected from students and faculty and are used to help needy and underprivileged patients. Both sadqah and zakat funds are used.
Blood wing: Two camps; one for shaukat khanum and the other for Hamza foundation was arranged, blood was donated by students and staff members. Moreover, blood is also donated in emergency to patients in different hospitals.
Health education wing: Health awareness sessions are conducted to spread awareness among patient and students.
Disaster wing: Wasn’t active this year, is active only in times of crisis where sws can help, like it helped in rohingya crisis last year and in dengue outbreak.

Tariq Aziz

Our Cabinet

Patron Professor Dr. Najib ul Haq - Dean,P.M.C
Chairman Professor Dr.Muhammad Aman Khan
Male Staff Coordinator P.M.C Dr. Asif Rehman (Asst. Prof, Dept. of CHS)
Female Staff Coordinator P.M.C Dr. Mohsina Haq (Asst. Prof, Dept. of Pathology)
Female Staff Coordinator P.D.C Dr. Nadia Ashraf
President Tariq Aziz

Post Male Female
Vice President Hamza Gohar Summiya Saqib Qureshi
General Secretary Danyal Ahmad Hajra Amjid
Joint Secretary Muhammad Abbas Laiba Javed
Finance Secretary Israr Ahmad Akhbarzada -
Media Secretary Syed Anas Shah Kanza Javed
Class Representative - -

Blood Wing Patient Wing Health education wing Disaster Management wing
Male Female Male Male Female Male Female
danyal ahmad Fareeha javed Israr ahmad akberzada Hamza Gohar Summiya Saqib Qureshi Syed Anas Shah Kanza javed

SWS Wings

The aim of SWS is to seek the pleasure of Almighty ALLAH by rendering services to the afflicted people.

Patient Welfare Wing

This wing functions with the help of funds are collected from students and faculty of PMC and PDC. These funds are used to help needy and underprivileged patients through a well defined process conducted and formulated by students (both Sadqah and Zakat funds are used) .The fund collection process is carried out every month and Alhamdullillah nearly all of it is spent on patients. The finance secretaries procure a fundraising and fund expenditure report every month that is available on the website.

Blood Donation Wing

This wing runs on a triad of important constituents ie the donors , the organizing members and of course the recipients which are brought forward by blood donation camps.SWS mainly aids Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer and Research Hospital and Hamza foundation. In these camps blood is passionately donated by students and staff members. From these camps the collected blood is then channeled to blood banks where it is given to the concerned recipients .Moreover this wing also collects data from each class in PMC and PDC and if need be they arrange for blood donation in emergency to patients in different hospitals.

Disaster Management Wing

This wing has played a vital role in the recognition of this society in the community starting from its conception it has aided in various Natural disasters ie,2005 earthquake, 2010 floods, 2011 floods and recently in raising funds for the Rohingya community Crisis via Al-Khidmat Foundation.

Health Education Wing

This wing aims to spread Medical knowledge in the most basic and effective ways, for that purpose they arrange one on one and group wise sessions for students and patients alike on current health matters of the utmost concern. There is use of visual aids , pamphlets designed by students and the material for these sessions is also compiled by students and checked by an expert.Thus the aim tis to spread knowledge to the people by the people.

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