Patient Welfare Wing

This wing functions with the help of funds are collected from students and faculty of PMC and PDC. These funds are used to help needy and underprivileged patients through a well defined process conducted and formulated by students (both Sadqah and Zakat funds are used) .The fund collection process is carried out every month and Alhamdullillah nearly all of it is spent on patients. The finance secretaries procure a fundraising and fund expenditure report every month that is available on the website.

Following are the details of funds collection and expenses in 2017-18.
Funds Collected
180,200 170,591
February 57,960 56,410
March 105,750 30,380
April 56,090 101,685
May --- 3,640
June 5,000 ---
September 85,580 25,040
October 52,111 139,780
November 38,900 20,385
TOTAL 581,591 547,911
Fund Raising Details
Expenses Details